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TRPX Raytis Ravie Shaft-R - Regular

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Product Description The Raytis line is TRPX's ultra light series of shafts. The Raytis Ravie is designed for ladies, seniors, slower and smoother swingers.The Ravie ranges from 49g for the RR flex to a very light 51g for the Stiff Flex. The Ravie is easy to load, has a super kick and its primary focus is distance. Its timing matches up well with smoother tempos and less aggressive transitions and is recommended for players who swing under 95mph.The Ravie features full length 40t carbon with 46t carbon reinforcements around the tip section in a cross axis multi weave design. The stronger tip section keeps launch down and reduces spin while the softer butt and mid section maximize feel and shaft kick during release. Because lighter shafts tend to launch higher, TRPX designed the kick point to be mid but slightly towards the tip side only hence the designation Mid Low. This coupled with the reinforced tip section creates a medium launch with a powerful ball flight.Recommended suggestions for flex based on player distance, but bear in mind, these are only approximates as every player is different not only in speed but in swing style and player ability. The Ravie plays soft, so it is not uncommon to step up a flex if you are not confident with a soft feeling shaft. Get properly fit and ask us for recommendations when unsure about model and flex. RR=185-200y,R=200-215y,SR=215-230y,S=230y and upIT HAS BEEN 5 YEARS SINCE HIGH MODULUS CARBON SHAFTS TOOK THE JAPANESE GOLF MARKET BY STORM. FROM SENIORS, TO AVERAGE GOLFERS, TO ATHLETE GOLFERS AND PROS, EVERYONE CAN BENEFIT FROM PREMIUM CARBON SHAFTS. TRPX (TRIPLE XXX) HAS BEEN BORN WITH ONE GOAL IN MIND AND THAT IS TO MAXIMIZE THE POTENTIAL OF ALL GOLFERS.TRPX shafts are made from start to finish here in Japan. Premium grade full length high tensile carbon sheets, with multi weave designs are hand rolled and hand finished for perfect consistency and quality. So how does carbon grading work?